Meyer Products Authorized Dealer

We are an authorized Meyer dealer and sell OEM Meyer parts.

As of 2015, Transport Services became an authorized dealer of Meyer snow plows and snow plow parts. Meyer Products is a very well-known manufacturer of high-quality snow and ice management equipment.

If you’re in the snow plow business, you understand that it’s vital that your equipment is powerful, reliable and fits the job you need to do. Meyer snow plows are all of this and more. It doesn’t matter if you are plowing driveways or clearing city streets. Meyer has a snow plow that will fit your needs while standing up to the elements.

Meyer carries snow plows and equipment for multiple applications, including:

  • Professional Use
  • Half-ton / 150 / 1500
  • Personal Use
  • Off Road Equipment

Below are some of the snow plow models from Meyer.

Lot Pro LD – Need to clear a lot of snow? The Lot Pro LD is the perfect plow for your ½-ton pickup. The Lot Pro LD is an unstoppable commercial grade plow.

Super-V/V2 – The Super-V and Super-V2 offer incredible snow plowing performance, equipped with independently controlled wings for added flexibility. This plow is another great choice for ¾-ton pickup owners.

Diamond Edge – With a 32-inch height, the Diamond Edge can clear some serious snow. This plow features the tallest and most aggressive bottom-trip, contractor-class moldboard on the market, giving it better overall clearing performance in less time.

Road Pro 36-Series – The Road Pro 36-Series is the toughest plow in the Meyer line. Its enormous size and clearing ability will leave the cleanest surface on even the snowiest municipal road.

HomePlow Plow – A great choice for homeowners who prefer to stay warm and dry while clearing long and cumbersome driveways. This plow is perfectly suitable for use on an SUV or light pickup.

Call us today if you are thinking about investing in a new plow. We would be happy to discuss your options and set you up with a new, high-performance snow plow from Meyer.

Meyer Snow Plows