Hyundai Trailers, Containers, and Chassis

Hyundai’s vision is to be the most admired socially responsible company in the transportation industry. Its focus is on customer service and satisfaction, as well as innovative products.

Each new Hyundai trailer is put through rigorous quality control testing to ensure top-level products are being produced. With its dedicated and experienced R&D department, Hyundai remains a leader in the advancement of transportation equipment.

Hyundai manufacturers create a variety of products including:

  • Van trailers
  • Refrigerated and non-refrigerated
  • Dry freight
  • Container chassis
  • Converter dollies

Hyundai Dry Van Trailers

These trailers are made for very specific dry freight hauling needs. Hyundai quality control inspects every trailer numerous times to be certain that customers get only the highest quality trailer possible.

Hyundai Refrigerated Van Trailers

For 30+ years, Hyundai has leveraged its engineering ingenuity to provide one of the transport industry’s top refrigerated trailers, ThermoTech.

Hyundai Containers

Hyundai freight containers are made with advanced design and craftsmanship. These containers come in a variety of configurations including standard, insulated, refrigerated and heated models.

Hyundai Chassis

Hyundai chassis are the #1 selling North American container chassis currently being manufactured. These chassis come in multiple lengths to meet the needs of many different containers.

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